How To Choose A Room For Your Floor Jewelry Armoire

Standing Jewelry Armoire

Floor Jewelry Armoire

Standing Jewelry Armoire

Learn how to accent, decorate, and design your living space!  To gain some better insight as to where to place this jewelry armoire furniture in your home is knowing what you want to accomplish with it.  Every room in the home has its own functional role in the way it pertains to your everyday routine.  Exploring how each room impacts your lifestyle will determine where to place it and how you can use it.  

What a jewelry storage armoire can do for the bedroom

Floor Jewelry ArmoireThe bedroom is where you actively spend most of your time grooming, relaxing, and sleeping on a steady routine basis.  This intimate space is an ideal room to place this home furnishing in since you are frequently changing your wardrobe and jewelry within here.  This jewelry cabinet armoire will display, organize, and store your most precious jewelry pieces like bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches along with other sentimental objects like perfume bottles, mementos, and photos which can be held inside it as well.  You can feature this jewelry armoire as standalone accent furniture piece by decorating it with a vase of flowers or a tall table lamp on top of it to complement your bedroom furniture ensemble. 

How to use a floor standing jewelry armoire in the living room

The living room is likely the most often used room to entertain family, friends, and guests.  This social meeting space is where you Floor Jewelry Armoirecan place this free standing jewelry armoire to pair with other home furniture or as a standalone accent furniture piece to enhance the décor of the room.  It can serve as a conversational storage piece for pictures, souvenirs, and trinkets that hold special meaning to you from the past.  You can share your past stories with others through memorable objects contained inside this large treasure chest of memories by conveniently placing it in this room. 

Why a floor standing jewelry box can enhance the hallway

The hallway will tend to have the most foot traffic since it leads to other rooms Floor Jewelry Armoirewithin your home.  This free standing jewelry box can be used as hallway furniture to complete this space given its modest size and functional usage.  You can place it in this room to serve as the central spot to store your everyday stuff in while knowing where they are the entire time.  It can prevent clutter by storing house keys, car keys, wallets, mail, and more inside its many pullout drawers.  You can toss your house key into a drawer or sit your purse on top of it as you walk by after coming home.  

What items a floor jewelry armoire can store in the dining room

The dining room is the least likely visited room within your home since its real purpose is for special occasions, holiday dinners, and entertainment parties.  This room is Floor Jewelry Armoiretraditionally thought of as formal place to display fancy dishes, elegant stemware, and quality silverware inside a China cabinet which can be a place for other home furnishings as well.  This jewelry chest armoire can nicely complement the dining room designs and styles while displayed alongside other dining room furniture pieces.  You can store more than just your jewelry, other valued household treasures like collectibles, delicate dishware, small flatware, and more inside it as well.

How a standing jewelry chest can accent a room

It will take some thought to determine the placement of this stand up jewelry armoire in your home.  Exploring its real purpose will guide you to the room of choice.  Choosing this standing jewelry armoire will not only complement your furniture collection, it will make for a wonderful standout addition to your entire living space! 

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