I Recently Found A Decorative Glass Jewelry Box!

Jewelry Box

Glass Jewelry Box

Glass Jewelry Box

Many small jewelry boxes are made of acrylic these days that lack an ornamental appearance. I discovered a small glass jewelry box that looks classy and complements a small collection of beautiful jewelry. I wanted a small jewelry box that highlighted the refined style and tactful sophistication of my jewelry collection and not occupy lots of tabletop space as well. Here are my shared thoughts for getting this tabletop jewelry box.

What an elegant jewelry box can do for you

My jewelry box had to tastefully match the bedroom décor. The bedroom was the one place I would go to relax and escape everyday life. I wanted to maintain the look of a contemporary bedroom that felt calm and soothing from after a long day of work. It was important to me that the glass jewelry box had the same kind of contemporary decorating style as seen in the contemporary area rugs, contemporary wall art and contemporary table lamps of my bedroom.

The glass top jewelry box had to absorb as little tabletop space as possible. I intentionally blended the contemporary bedroom furniture within the concept of minimalist room design. The simplistic idea behind the minimalist bedroom design was to keep the clutter and mess from overtaking the room. I did not want my jewelry pieces scattered all over the bedroom furnishings as in the bedroom dressers and bedroom end tables but rather kept in the dresser top jewelry box for the sole purpose of better organization.

The decorative jewelry box had to conveniently stow away my routine and everyday jewelry. Everyday necklaces as in solid gold chains and real silver chains are jewelry pieces I frequently wear on a daily basis and needed to know where to find them later on. I also preferred to keep my wrist watches as in fashion watches and gold watches that are often worn on workdays and special occasions at a single location for later use. Most importantly wanted comfort and ease of mind knowing that I left them in the safety and security of this beautiful jewelry box.

Where can I buy a jewelry box?

Choosing this nice jewelry box to coordinate with the contemporary bedroom décor and minimalist design will capture the essence of simple elegance. Not only will it accommodate the interior designs but the special meanings and intimate memories held within the classic jewelry pieces as well. Explore this unique jewelry box to enhance your living space and keep the sentimental thoughts within your jewelry alive today!

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