Cannot Believe I Found Rustic Pendant Lights!


Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Some of the modern pendant lighting were low-priced looking and didn’t have the rustic décor look that I really desired. I finally found the rustic pendant light fixtures that captured the earthy, organic and rugged feel. I wanted to apply that timeless aged effect with a twist of contemporary vibe into the room interior design. Here are some of design elements you will want to incorporate with rustic pendant lighting to achieve that modern rustic design.

How to design with rustic hanging light fixtures

The colors are of an organic nature which deeply resonates the essence within the rustic room décor. The interior room colors had primarily included shades of white, brown and gray to inspire a sense of warmth and casual feeling. The soothing colors in the rustic wood are beautifully accentuated to express the whole spirit of the scheme. The dullish gray metal are punctuated in the rustic ceiling lights while contrasted with elegant white tones from the wood finishes of the distressed walls, distressed furniture and distressed wall décor.

Pendant Lights

The focal point revolved around the different styles of furniture that are deliberately placed within the interior room design. The softly tufted linen upholstered chairs and a rustic cabinet served as the rustic centerpiece. The look of a French armchair with the functionality of a comfortable chair was chosen to refreshingly match the rustic style lighting. The interior design idea was to combine the historical aspect with the contemporary influence to echo the charm and warmth of a rustic living room design.

The scale and proportion are harmoniously balanced together to establish the physical look of modern rustic design. Each piece of rustic furniture are visually equal in weight to attract and lead the eyes. The rustic light fixtures are hung above the rustic home furnishings to achieve tranquility and flow between them. The rustic wall hangings are added as rustic centerpieces to gracefully strengthen and tastefully enhance the rustic interior.

What furniture goes with rustic modern pendant light?

Rustic hanging lights will perfectly address the natural beauty and greatly balance the design elements of rustic home décor. Make a statement with unique rustic lighting as a corner furniture piece along with other styles of one of a kind furniture. A jewelry armoire is a splendid furniture piece to complement the meaning of rustic hanging lamps that can start today!

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