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Fashion Scarves Are Trending This Year!

May 1, 2017

Current trends for a fashion scarf are calling for solid colors. Check out the latest colors that’ll entice your fashion senses!  A neck scarf of today can show off your funkier nature to your more sophisticated side by wearing certain colors to reveal your mood and emotions.  One color can suggest Fashion Scarvescalmness while another color can suggest excitement.  Experiment with some of these most sought after fashion scarf colors to express or represent on how you feel.

A black scarf is a protector against emotional stress and anxiety.  It can shield or hide any of your vulnerabilities and insecurities.  You can portray yourself as an authority figure that demands respect from others.  You can wear it to be formal in any situation or special occasion while feeling classy with your dress ensemble.

A green scarf is an emotionally positive color that revitalize the spirit.  It can represent stability and success in both your career and personal life.  It can be seen as a way to express love and give nurture to others around you.  You can express a pragmatic attitude that comes across as balanced and calm while delivering a soothing comfort to those around you.

A purple scarf is associated with royalty and power.  It can capture the essence of class through the interpretation of wealth, luxury, and extravagance.  It can uplift your spirits within your mind, body, and soul.  You can feel encouraged to use your imagination that invigorates your sense of creativity towards assignments, projects, and tasks you are faced with in life.

A white scarf is the starting point to mark a new beginning.  It can allow you to express a positive attitude with a clean outlook on your life.  It can imply neutrality and impartiality towards others and everything around you.  You can gain a sense of cleanliness and purity that can offer you protection and encouragement towards life’s greater challenges.

A yellow scarf is an inspiring color that fosters an enthusiasm for life.  The brightness of this color can gain you attention.  It can invoke your cheerful and pleasant side of your personality while expressing your joy and happiness towards life.  Your playful youth can come to surface that displays optimism and hope into driving your maturing spirit.

Applying these colors in scarf fashion can add a stylish glow to any dress ensemble.  Properly caring for them requires a sensible way to preserve their wardrobe friendly appeal.  A white jewelry box is sought after for its clean flexible design and classic style equipped with many snag-free hooks to hang and display a colorful scarf assortment.  Store them inside this white jewelry armoire to keep their well-maintained look for your long term enjoyment!

Get A Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire!

April 27, 2017

Finding a jewelry armoire that doesn’t consume floor space can be difficult.  Learn how to take control of this situation now!  You must take a proactive approach towards proper jewelry storage as your jewelry collection continues to expand beyond the confines of a small jewelry box.  Wall Mounted Jewelry ArmoireA hanging jewelry armoire is recognized for its ability to conveniently hang on the wall while safely storing a modest jewelry collection.  Just having it off the flooring is an invaluable feature with this space saving furnishing. 

Consider the consequences of storing valuable jewelry in a cluttered jewelry box that’s left inside a dresser drawer or on top of a dresser cabinet.  Entangled necklaces, dented bracelets, and scratched rings are examples of when jewelry isn’t stored correctly.  The snag free necklace hooks and felt lined ring cushions inside a jewelry wall cabinet will prevent such threats of irreversible damages towards them. 

A wall jewelry armoire will not compete with other home furnishings for floor space since it will be suspended to the wall.  Furniture will tend to absorb the majority of the bedroom floor that can leave little to no room for anything else.  Standard bedroom sized furniture pieces like a bed and a dresser will occupy a good portion of floor space while accent furniture pieces like a nightstand, a lingerie cabinet, and a chest can absorb even more additional floor space. 

Wall Mounted Jewelry ArmoireA wall mounted jewelry cabinet with mirror does not necessarily have to be limited to only the bedroom.  It can be placed in the dining room, living room, and hallway as an accent furniture piece.  It can perfectly compliment and accentuate any room’s existing interior design while keeping the jewelry hidden away.  It can be treated as wall art with its attractive picture framed mirror that will nicely blend with the room’s décor as well.

A wall mounted jewelry box is an ideal alternative to organizing and managing your extensive jewelry collection.  Hanging it on wall will resolve any floor space restrictions you may have.  Pair this wall mounted jewelry armoire with your furniture ensemble to protect your valuable jewelry pieces!

Invest In A Lingerie Chest

April 24, 2017

Keeping your delicate lingerie in pristine condition is difficult to do.  Take control of the situation now!  Preserving your intimate undergarments in a modern lingerie chest will safeguard their alluring look.  An undergarment collection will range from vintage lingerie to exotic lingerie that requires special care and maintenance.  Keeping them in a lingerie dresser will protect their delicate fabrics, comfortable fittings, and unique colors in the long term.

Lingerie ChestA lingerie chest dresser will help to coordinate your individual garment pieces within your undergarment collection.  A 5 drawer lingerie chest and a 7 drawer lingerie chest will have enough space to place and gently store your garments inside them.  This will enable you to easily sort and separate your garments into a single convenient location.

Dedicating each lingerie drawer for your different garment pieces will simplify the organization of your undergarment collection.  The first drawer can hold your variety of fashionable brassieres.  The second drawer can sort your collection of feminine panties.  The third drawer can hold your lacey negligees.   The remainder of lingerie drawers can be used for various elastic garments like your nylon stockings, garters, corsets, and pantyhose. 

Selecting a color from the variety of lingerie chests to match your bedroom style is important.  Solid color tones will likely coordinate with almost any décor in a bedroom layout. Lingerie ChestA white lingerie chest will appear refreshing and clean with a neutral vibrancy while a black lingerie chest will convey an elegant and sophisticated look that gives a modern to contemporary feel in the bedroom.

Consider their smooth woodgrain tones as another interior design look for the bedroom.  A cherry lingerie chest is a more traditional and formal classic design that captures a timeless appeal.  An oak jewelry chest is another traditional style known for its lasting wood strength and durability that presents a more conventional feel.

Passionate undergarment enthusiasts will equate their classic lingerie to heirloom jewelry in how they epitomize the purity of class, elegance, and femininity.  This standing jewelry armoire is an alternative classic in home furnishings that is designed to hold your most personal intimate effects as well.  Let this large jewelry armoire to preserve the pristine condition of your most treasured belongings!

A Standing Jewelry Armoire Has The Most Storage

April 18, 2017

Standing Jewelry ArmoireA floor jewelry armoire is designed to support the maximum storage capacity for your growing jewelry collection needs.  It will store the most jewelry pieces over any other type of jewelry armoires that is seen today.  No matter the sizes or dimensions of your jewelry it has enough space to hold close to any kind of jewelry pieces.  Whether you are starting out or growing an existing jewelry collection it will easily manage your jewelry storage expectations when compared to other jewelry armoire options.

A small wood jewelry box is a great way to initially start out with to store your jewelry pieces.  It can be placed almost anywhere since it will occupy very little room.  It can comfortably rest on top or inside a home furnishing like a dresser or nightstand.  Some are felt lined to protect your jewelry from scuffs and scratches.  However, a growing jewelry collection will become overcrowded and cramped within its tight space that can cause harm to your various sized jewelry pieces.  This can be extensive and irreversible damage in terms of physical and emotional toll on you and your jewelry.

A wall mount jewelry armoire is a modest storage option to hold your jewelry collection.  It conveniently hangs on the wall which is a perfect storage solution when you have floor space restrictions.  It boasts many assorted hooks to hang, display, and organize dangling chain length necklaces with soft ring cushions to insert, display, and organize rings and earrings.  The entire interior space is felt lined to preserve their original condition with a keyed lock to safeguard your jewelry pieces.  If you think your jewelry collection will continue to expand with time then this storage option may not entirely solve your future storage needs. 

An extra large jewelry armoire is a tall floor standing model that will easily manage the most demanding of jewelry storage needs.  This ample sized jewelry armoire contains pullout drawers, necklace hooks, divided compartments, ring cushions, and earring holders that are all felt lined by hand to maintain your jewelry’s pristine condition.  It can easily arrange, display, and organize just about any size jewelry pieces like bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, and much more.  If floor space is a concern then this is something you may want to keep in mind before choosing this one.

A free standing jewelry armoire is the most popular storage option that is designed to stand on the floor in an upright vertical position.  It streamlines plenty of drawer spaces, divided compartments, and door space capacity for all kinds of jewelry pieces that makes this type of jewelry storage a popular choice among jewelry collectors.  Every storage space is entirely felt lined by hand to ensure all jewelry pieces don’t get damaged or destroyed.  The only real disadvantage is the floor space it will occupy which is relatively small in comparison to other home furnishings like a dresser, nightstand, and an end table. 

Trying to select the jewelry armoire furniture that will give you the necessary space to store and organize your precious jewelry collection can present a challenge.  Recalling those special moments when you first received your jewelry is something you want to keep perfectly intact and gently stored away.  Reserve your additional space with this standing jewelry armoire to give your jewelry the necessary room to grow and expand!

Hummingbird Jewelry Are Unique Statement Pieces

April 12, 2017

Hummingbird jewelry is designed to give tribute to this extraordinary attraction that will add a touch of nature inspired beauty to your look.  Its custom handcrafted into classic jewelry pieces that imitates their majestic moments in nature.  Whether you’re a jewelry collector or Hummingbird Jewelry exploring this unusual jewelry for the first time then this is something worth investigating. Their stories are told through these one of a kind jewelry pieces to capture just how charming this tiny creature really is.

Seeking the sweet nectar from red daylily flowers is symbolized in this hummingbird bracelet in such a way it raises your appreciation for this little wonder of joy.  The shiny golden hoop with a dangling hummingbird is wrapped around your wrist as reminder of how much you enjoy the natural things in life.  This delicate beauty can complement a lovely matching pair of hummingbird earrings to complete your jewelry ensemble.

Fluttering its wings while hovering in open air is seen with this pair of hummingbird earrings as a visual ecstasy of natural beauty dangling from your ears.  The shimmer they give as the sunlight sparkles over the hummingbirds’ bodies is like the morning dew seen on the blades of grass.  Adorn your earlobes with these hand finished fashionable earrings to exhibit your token affection for them.

Hummingbird JewelrySuspended in flight as a snapshot moment in time is captured with this hummingbird necklace that will sear an unforgettable image into your mind.  It’s finely detailed body and near flawless wings hang from your neck like a floating cloud in the sky.  As a fashionable statement necklace piece can express the deepest sentiment of your heart when combined with a fabulous outfit.

Consuming sweet nectar with its long standout bill is caught just in time with this hummingbird pendant that perfectly demonstrates this rare moment.  The precision form of an exquisite hummingbird gathering nectar from a beautiful flower represents nature’s natural occurrence at work.  Attaching this jewelry piece from a chained necklace can accentuate your neckline and enhance your outfit while expressing your soft gentler side.

Resting comfortably on small tulip tree branch is witnessed for a brief moment through this hummingbird ring as an opportunity to observe it fragile beauty.  The impromptu chance to see it up close glimmering on your finger every time when the light shines on it from every angle.  Its delicate design will induce a sense of natural inspired beauty to your look while exploiting your natural femininity. 

These finely detailed hummingbird jewelry pieces can be beautifully arranged with a tall jewelry armoire as the finishing touch.  Pairing a large jewelry armoire with these hummingbird jewelry pieces along with your wardrobe ensemble will achieve that polished look.  Having this standing jewelry armoire to display your eye catching hummingbird jewelry collection will express your fondness and admiration for them!

Jewelry Armoires Will Prevent Sun Damage To Gemstones

April 7, 2017

What can you do to avert the excessive sunlight from damaging your valuable gemstone jewelry?  It’s simple - the latest in jewelry armoires are now available.  The sun’s rays can cause the color of the gemstones to fade or discolor while its extreme temperatures can force the gemstones to fracture or break down with time.  These destructive conditions can be avoided with today’s jewelry armoire. 

Jewelry ArmoiresThis jewelry armoire is an accent piece of furniture designed to safely display, organize, and store your jewelry pieces.  Its many practical features can safeguard your valuable gemstone jewelry from permanent damages.  Discover how these features will help to prevent your fine gemstone jewelry from getting harmed by the natural sunlight. 

There are several pullout drawers with equally slotted compartments in this tall jewelry armoire so that you may place your individual gemstone jewelry pieces inside them.  The polished metal of the knobs and handles are used to open and close the drawers in order to reveal your jewelry.  All the drawers are felt lined to prevent surface rubbing and scratching between the jewelry pieces.  Your gemstone jewelry will be safely sheltered inside these drawers from the direct sunlight.

The two swing out doors with built in interior compartments in this large jewelry armoire are made to hang your dangling gemstone jewelry pieces.  The snag free hooks are anchored on the inside of them to display and organize your lengthy jewelry pieces while preventing chain entanglements.  The interior compartments of the doors are layered with felt lining to avoid scraping and clanging of your jewelry pieces.  Jewelry ArmoiresThey are constructed to close tightly enough so the sunlight cannot penetrate through while keeping your gemstone jewelry pieces safe and sound.  

The single hinged lid will lift for immediate access to the top compartment that holds the jewelry pieces while this jewelry armoire with mirror is attached inside the lid for previewing yourself.  The felt lined top compartment comprises of smaller divided compartments and ring cushions to display and organize your jewelry pieces while preventing any scraps and blemishes to them.  The lid door overhangs to cover the entire top compartment so the sun’s damaging rays cannot reach your gemstone jewelry pieces. 

The finest gemstones make for a standout addition to your jewelry collection.  Protecting their original condition from natural sunlight can be done by placing them inside a proper storage solution.  Having this standing jewelry box will better preserve your natural gemstone jewelry both in original shape and outstanding beauty!

Wall Mirrors For Bare Bedroom Walls

April 2, 2017

How can you dress up your empty walls?  It’s easy - the newly released wall mirrors are now available.  These mirrors are a great way to decorate and accentuate the bedroom scene.  There are basic types of bedroom mirrors made available which are framed, decorative, and armoire to choose from.  These mirrors can reinvigorate and transform those plain blank walls into a new and exciting look for the bedroom.

The framed mirrors are mirrors with Wall Mirrorssimple frames that come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials.  These basic mirrors are the essential wall accessories that can establish your bedroom wall space layout.  The larger sized framed mirrors offer more mirror reflection that can dramatically change the landscape of your bedroom.  Try experimenting with the oversized framed mirrors to reflect and radiate the lighting from table lamps, floor lamps, and hanging lights to give the illusion of a much larger bedroom space. 

The decorative mirrors have a range of elaborate details, unusual colors, and unique shapes that go beyond the simple framed mirrors.  These alternative stylish mirrors will highlight any bedroom motif even if your style is traditional or contemporary.  These mirrors will not only embellish your bedroom’s wall spaces, but they will perfectly complement your home furnishings too.  Try featuring the designer mirrors over a dresser or a jewelry armoire to convey an ambient mood to the bedroom furniture arrangement. 

The armoire mirrors are also referred to as wall jewelry armoire that are the most unique and unusual type of mirrors Wall Mirrorssince they function as wall art and as vanity cabinets of jewelry for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and more.  The hanging jewelry armoire are considered as accent furniture pieces that will pair with other bedroom furnishings as well.  Try featuring these multipurpose mirrors alone or group with other furniture pieces like dressers or end tables to accent the bedroom walls while still having access to your jewelry pieces in a single convenient location. 

Choosing a mirror for bedroom to show off your walls can be easily accomplished.  The wall mirror jewelry armoire is widely popular for its combined stylish appearance and functional ability to house your jewelry collection in.  Try this wall hanging jewelry armoire to revitalize your blank walls that will perfectly finish off your bedroom scenery!  

Did You Know A Jewelry Armoire Can Store Other Things?

March 29, 2017

People are always searching for a home furnishing to hold their memorable odds and ends.  A unique jewelry armoire can keep those memories intact.  Keepsakes are Jewelry Armoireobjects that are associated with memories of someone or something closest to you. It’s the sentimental value behind these objects that give the greatest meaning to you. 
This solid wood jewelry armoire can preserve them through mementos, memorabilia, and souvenirs as lasting reminders of the past.

Mementos are items or objects kept as emotional reminders about specific individuals, places, and events such as births, weddings, anniversaries, and funerals that deeply affected or impacted your life.  More specifically, the first communion pin, a baby’s first locket of hair, a wedding invitation, and a grandmother’s locket are symbolic things that touched your heart and soul.  Housing them within this free standing jewelry armoire as a keeper of these precious moments can prevent against deterioration and destruction.

Memorabilia are treasured things kept in a collection as a connection to people or events.  It’s recalling those moments at music concerts, comedy shows, sports games, and award shows that produced nostalgic memories.  Autographed celebrity photos, concert tickets, signed trading cards, and playoff tickets are the actual physical reminders of those specific fond memories.  Placing them in the felt lined drawers and divided compartments of this standing jewelry box can safely preserve their original state.  

Souvenirs are objects or things with meaningful value from specific events that occurred through travel and tourism.  It’s remembering the beach vacations, cruise ship tours, weekend getaways, honeymoons, family vacations, and wild safaris as past experiences that generated personal meanings.  A cute little kind of trinket or a cool token are little reminders of your time spent at them.  Keeping your keychains, snow globes, buttons, medallions, pins, and figurines in this tall jewelry armoire with its pull out drawers and storage compartments can hold their special meanings indefinitely. 

All of these keepsakes embody your deepest and most precious memories that you don’t want to ever lose or seen destroyed.  Extend the life of your keepsakes by sheltering them inside this jewelry armoire to preserve and protect your past!

Are Pretty Anklets On Your Ankles?

March 25, 2017

Not knowing in what to look for in anklet bracelets can be difficult.  Handcrafted with fashionable designs gives them a pleasing feminine look.  These ankle bracelets for women are also referred to as anklets jewelry which are a special kind of jewelry worn to accentuate the ankles.  They are mainly constructed of sterling silver, gold, and Pretty Ankletsbeads to form their stylish anklet lengths and intricately textured designs.  They can add a gorgeous glow around the ankles with the proper fittings and sizes to complete a wardrobe ensemble. 

Sterling silver is a highly valued precious metal that is commonly used to design these sterling silver anklets by professional jewelry artisans.  They will replicate noticeable figures found in nature like butterflies, stars, seashells, and feathers to create unique pieces.  Other jewelry designers will incorporate spiritual symbols like the Holy Cross, Star of David, and Buddha as reverence to different religions.  They all share a machine polished mirror finish that promises a lasting shine and sparkle around the ankles. 

Gold is perhaps the most desirable precious metal for its natural beauty, radiance, and value that is widely used to make these gold anklets by skilled jewelry craftsmen.  They are constructed with either 10K, 14k or 18k gold based on its color, quality, durability, and affordability to create their original designs.  They are highly desired for their eye-catching sparkle while considered as a must have wear-anywhere fashion jewelry look. 

Unlike metal materials, beads are used on these beaded anklets to create decorative and unique designs.  They are constructed with basic materials made from acrylic, glass, metal, shells, and stones.  They come in various kinds of shapes that include oval, round, rectangle, and square.  Combined together they form detailed beaded patterns and coordinating designs that result into one of a kind anklet jewelry pieces.  

The size of your anklet can be determined by wrapping a non-stretchy string or a tape measure snugly around the part of the ankle you intend to wear it on.  For an accurate measurement be sure to measure below the ankle bone since the anklet bracelet will normally hang just below it.  Be sure to add one inch for slight tautness or looseness to come up with the total length of your ankle bracelet. 

Anklet bracelets will vary in chain lengths depending on your ankle measurements.  The length sizes for anklets will typically range from 7.5 inches to 11 inches.  The most popular length sizes for chain anklets are 8.5 inches (petite), 9 inches (small), 9.5 inches (medium), and 10 inches (large). 

These designer anklets will make for a fabulous fashion addition to any jewelry collection.  Not only can you adorn your ankles with ankle bracelets, this jewelry armoire will perfectly retain their artistry and femininity too.  Display your ankle jewelry with this cherry jewelry armoire to make a lasting fashion statement!

Standing Jewelry Armoire Of Ample Size Launches This Year

March 20, 2017

Tall Jewelry Armoire

A small jewelry box will lack sufficient space.  Take action to improve your jewelry storage now.  This free standing jewelry armoire is designed to sustain the most challenging jewelry collections of almost any volume.  Its handcrafted construction will cater to the demands of various sized jewelry pieces.  Explore the features in this one of a kind furniture that will likely satisfy most jewelry storage expectations.

Tall Jewelry ArmoireThe functional hinged lid is on top of the armoire jewelry box is made from a solid flat piece of detailed edged wood that overhangs to conceal the top compartment and side doors just beneath it.  The long continuous stainless steel hinge is attached on the lid’s backside and the main body of the jewelry armoire to easily open and close it.  The jewelry armoire mirror is mounted on the inside of the hinged lid that will adjust into a fixed stationary position to view oneself trying on the jewelry.    

The spaciousness in the top compartment with its smaller divided storage compartments are the next level down in the standing jewelry armoire that is located just underneath the lid.  The five felt lined half ring pads are designed to organize, store, and display your rings while preventing any scuffs and dings between them.  The middle section consists of four equally felt lined divided compartments to place any sized jewelry pieces for easy access.  The remaining two felt lined equally sized rectangular compartments located at each end are ideally suited to rest larger jewelry pieces like fashion bracelets and designer watches.  

Tall Jewelry ArmoireThe main body of the jewelry armoire consists of several drawers which is the next level down from the top compartment.  A total of five wood constructed pull out drawers are all felt lined inside to protect the jewelry from potential scrapes and scratches.  The top tier consists of three equally smaller and shallower drawers are located just below the top compartment section to store smaller to medium sized jewelry pieces.  The bottom tier consists of three equally larger and deeper drawers that can support medium to extra-large scale sized jewelry pieces.  The decorative round shaped handles in polished metal are attached to the drawer fronts for a smooth open and close pulling action to reveal the jewelry pieces inside the drawers. 

The swing door panels are mounted on each side of the jewelry armoire’s main body to hang the chain Tall Jewelry Armoirelength jewelry pieces.  The stainless steel swing hinges are mounted to the doors and main body of the stand up jewelry armoire to have entry and easy access to the jewelry inside.  The felt lining of the interiors walls of the doors are entirely covered to prevent dings and scratches to the hanging jewelry pieces. The several snag free hooks are located in the door’s interiors to hang and separate the dangling jewelry pieces.  The magnetic cabinet latches are attached to the doors to securely hold them closed when not in use. 

This distinctive jewelry armoire is a furnishing of handcrafted perfection that will accentuate any room in your home.  This jewelry armoire has many attractive features that will accommodate just about any sized jewelry collection imaginable.  Having this tall jewelry armoire to help manage, store, and preserve your many jewelry pieces will make jewelry collecting much easier and more convenient!