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New Kinds Of Makeup Bags Are Releasing Soon

March 16, 2017

Not all designer makeup bags are designed the same.  Take action to stash your makeup with fashion now.  These makeup bags offer a convenient way to hold a variety of makeup items from lipstick to mascara and much more.  They have an all in one handling with function and fashion in mind that makes these Makeup Bagsbeautiful makeup bags of today so versatile.  The available choices, functional usages, and care instructions will give them ease and comfort without sacrificing its stylish appeal. 

The trendsetting designs of these makeup bags ignite the vibrancy and excitement to their fashion forward look.  These cute makeup bags will come in an enticing variety of coordinating patterns and prints that include polka dots, Cheetah prints, black and white strips, paisleys, flowers, and more to choose from.  The sensational color selections are exceptional as seen in these pink makeup bags and black makeup bags that are a must have fashion statement pieces.

The broad range of sizes with these makeup bags will easily please the demands of any makeup collection.  These small makeup bags are flexible enough to fit basic makeup essentials while these large makeup bags are roomy enough to store additional makeup that can handle more than just the essentials.  However, nothing is like these big makeup bags of generous proportions that can amass the most in makeup storage. 

Makeup BagsWhen on the move these travel makeup bags are designed to quickly grab and go.  These clear makeup bags are intentionally made to view the contents within in it that makes for traveling easier and faster.  They are comfortable to carry around without comprising while securing their fashionable appearance.

Be sure to check if these cosmetic bags are washable or not.  If you ever had incidents like an open foundation case spread facial powder onto everything or a loose eyeliner cap spills black liquid everywhere or an untwisted lipstick cap smear red lipstick inside a cosmetic bag then this is something to give some thought to.  Knowing how to properly care for them can keep their fashionable appearance intact for a while.  

Finding yourself with these good makeup bags will be ideal for all kinds of makeup use while space limitation can occur as your makeup collection grows beyond their storage capacities.  Arranging your extra makeup in this white jewelry box will supplement in storage space for them.  Try this white jewelry armoire to neatly display, organize, and store your makeup in an orderly fashion!

How To Choose A Room For Your Floor Jewelry Armoire

March 11, 2017

Floor Jewelry Armoire

Learn how to accent, decorate, and design your living space!  To gain some better insight as to where to place this jewelry armoire furniture in your home is knowing what you want to accomplish with it.  Every room in the home has its own functional role in the way it pertains to your everyday routine.  Exploring how each room impacts your lifestyle will determine where to place it and how you can use it.  

Floor Jewelry ArmoireThe bedroom is where you actively spend most of your time grooming, relaxing, and sleeping on a steady routine basis.  This intimate space is an ideal room to place this home furnishing in since you are frequently changing your wardrobe and jewelry within here.  This jewelry cabinet armoire will display, organize, and store your most precious jewelry pieces like bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches along with other sentimental objects like perfume bottles, mementos, and photos which can be held inside it as well.  You can feature this jewelry armoire as standalone accent furniture piece by decorating it with a vase of flowers or a tall table lamp on top of it to complement your bedroom furniture ensemble. 

The living room is likely the most often used room to entertain family, friends, and guests.  This social meeting space is where you Floor Jewelry Armoirecan place this free standing jewelry armoire to pair with other home furniture or as a standalone accent furniture piece to enhance the décor of the room.  It can serve as a conversational storage piece for pictures, souvenirs, and trinkets that hold special meaning to you from the past.  You can share your past stories with others through memorable objects contained inside this large treasure chest of memories by conveniently placing it in this room. 

The hallway will tend to have the most foot traffic since it leads to other rooms Floor Jewelry Armoirewithin your home.  This free standing jewelry box can be used as hallway furniture to complete this space given its modest size and functional usage.  You can place it in this room to serve as the central spot to store your everyday stuff in while knowing where they are the entire time.  It can prevent clutter by storing house keys, car keys, wallets, mail, and more inside its many pullout drawers.  You can toss your house key into a drawer or sit your purse on top of it as you walk by after coming home.  

The dining room is the least likely visited room within your home since its real purpose is for special occasions, holiday dinners, and entertainment parties.  This room is Floor Jewelry Armoiretraditionally thought of as formal place to display fancy dishes, elegant stemware, and quality silverware inside a China cabinet which can be a place for other home furnishings as well.  This jewelry chest armoire can nicely complement the dining room designs and styles while displayed alongside other dining room furniture pieces.  You can store more than just your jewelry, other valued household treasures like collectibles, delicate dishware, small flatware, and more inside it as well.

It will take some thought to determine the placement of this stand up jewelry armoire in your home.  Exploring its real purpose will guide you to the room of choice.  Choosing this standing jewelry armoire will not only complement your furniture collection, it will make for a wonderful standout addition to your entire living space! 

How To Choose The Right Table Lamps For Your Bedroom

March 6, 2017

Learn how to enhance the appearance of your bedroom!  Consider these lighting ideas before you decide to go with a specific set of small table lamps for the bedroom since there are many types of decorative table lamps to choose from today.  To narrow down which table top lamps will work best for you requires an understanding of three basic types of lighting concepts which are ambient, task, and accent in order to achieve that perfect bedroom lighting scenario. 

Ambient lighting also known as general lighting refers to the overall illumination within the room.  This simply means the presence of normal Table Lampslighting from artificial light sources found in recessed mounted ceiling fixtures, wall mounted fixtures, and ceiling track lights.  Even the correct use of nightstand lamps can produce enough ambient lighting in your bedroom space. These types of light fixtures will light up the bedroom so you conduct your everyday normal activities. 

Task lighting is stacked on top of ambient lighting whereas it increases the illuminance to better accomplish a specific task or activity.  This is a more heighted form of lighting to improve your everyday routines within space of your bedroom.  Lighting fixtures like ceiling pendants, floor lamps, and small bedside lamps are typical forms of lighting applied here.  These types of lighting fixtures will enhance many kinds of leisure activities like reading books, putting on jewelry, trying on outfits, and more in the bedroom.

Accent lighting is designed to create drama by highlighting objects as focal points Table Lampswithin the room. The idea is to heighten or arouse the emotions with pinpoint lighting directed onto specific objects.  This will also require three times more lighting than ambient lighting in order to create the desirable effect.  Recessed ceiling lighting, ceiling mounted track lighting, decorative sconces, and modern table lamps are common lighting fixtures used as directional lighting sources. These designer table lamps can accentuate framed paintings or framed photos by aiming light onto them to elicit an emotional reaction in the bedroom. 

An elegant set of modern bedroom table lamps can be complemented with this black jewelry armoire to achieve better lighting in your bedroom space. Just having this type of jewelry lighting will dramatically improve your jewelry choices to complete your wardrobe ensemble.  Having this black standing jewelry box as part of your lighting scheme will draw attention to your stylish look!

Top 5 Things To Have In A Standing Jewelry Armoire

March 1, 2017

After owning a free standing jewelry armoire for some time now, I have listed 5 things you need to know before purchasing one.  As an owner of a modest jewelry collection, I use a jewelry armoire to house my most precious jewelry pieces.  I wanted to share my thoughts to help you on which jewelry armoire to select.  Here is what I believe are the necessary things you should know before you should purchase one. 

Standing Jewelry Armoire

  • First, you will have to judge your jewelry storage requirements to determine which type of jewelry armoire can best serve this. A floor jewelry armoire will have the most available in jewelry storage space since it stands on the floor while in comparison to a wall mounted jewelry armoire will have a limited amount of jewelry storage since it hangs on the wall.  You can combine them together by housing your less frequently worn jewelry pieces in the floor standing jewelry armoire while your everyday worn jewelry pieces can be kept in the wall mount jewelry armoire. 
  • Second, you will want to decide on the best room location for the jewelry armoire within your home. The ideal room can be identified by your functional needs it will serve for that specific location.  The bedroom is where the majority of time is spent sleeping, relaxing, and grooming which can make for the perfect room to place it in.  The living room is where social gatherings and leisure activities can pair well with other home furnishings that may be another perfect spot for it.  The dining room is where holiday dinners and special occasions occur that can match well with the other elegant styled in dining furniture as the formal room to place it in. 
  • Third, you will need to figure out your floor space requirements from the room the jewelry armoire is to be located in. Is there enough floor space to place a standing jewelry armoire?  Is there adequate wall space to hang a jewelry armoire?  Consider starting out with a wall mounted jewelry box if you are new or even experienced with jewelry storage.  You can then add another wall mounted jewelry armoire or a tall jewelry armoire as your jewelry collection expands beyond the confines of the existing jewelry armoire.
  • Fourth, you will have to ascertain on the kinds of jewelry pieces to be stored inside the jewelry armoire. You should take a physical inventory of your jewelry collection to know the types of jewelry pieces you own.  You will want to account for which jewelry pieces may increase in volume over time as well.  These things can influence your future storage needs based on the actual physical dimensions of the jewelry pieces within your jewelry collection.
  • Lastly, you will want to decide on the design and color of the jewelry armoire in order to match the existing décor of your room. The design of the room layout can range from a traditional to contemporary to modern.  The current jewelry armoire selections will offer enough styles and colors that will likely satisfy your existing room designs.  The most popular choices include a white jewelry armoire or antique white jewelry armoire for the French retro style bedroom and a cherry jewelry armoire for the American traditional bedroom furnishing look.

The list of ideas are to help you to determine which jewelry armoire will suite your specific needs.  They will no doubt complement your room of choice.  Sheltering your classic jewelry pieces with either this standing jewelry armoire or this wall mounted mirrored jewelry armoire will stylishly enhance the look of your room! 

Top 10 Things To Look For In Natural Pearls

February 23, 2017

Natural PearlsAfter I discovered imitation pearls were being passed off as genuine, I made a list of top 10 things to check for before purchasing them.  The how do you tell if pearls are real” is a contentious question concerning the differences between the genuine pearls as oppose to the fake pearls in the jewelry business.  If you’re an inexperienced consumer shopping for real pearl jewelry it can feel like an extremely complicated process if you don’t know what to look for.  Unfortunately, the unscrupulous sales of fake pearl jewelry has hurt unsuspecting buyers both financially and emotionally that has brought fear into the retail jewelry marketplace. 

This basic list of ideas is something you can conduct for yourself to This basic list of ideas is something you can conduct Natural Pearlsfor yourself to assess whether the pearls found in pearl necklaces or pearl earrings or pearl bracelets are real.  This list is not meant to be full proof rather to be used as aid to guide you.  It’s highly recommended to seek professional advice from experts whenever doubt and uncertainty is surrounding them.

First half is the visual examination to determine the pearls’ authenticity.  You will want to visually inspect the pearls with your own eyes to get the results listed below.  A magnifying glass may prove helpful here to get a clearer and more detailed view of them. 

  1. Fake pearls will appear too perfectly round in shape. Real pearls are a product of nature and will display imperfect round shapes which can be seen by placing them next to each other.
  2. Fake pearls will appear perfect in color with no variations between them. Real pearls are unadulterated and will appear more natural in color. 
  3. Fake pearls will lack luminosity and appear shiny without depth under a bright light. Real pearls have layers upon layers called “nacre” that appear translucent under a direct light.
  4. Fake pearls with a perfect single concentric ridged circle in the middle is a sign of two manufactured molded half pieces that are adhered together. Real pearls have many natural concentric ridged circles around them.
  5. Fake pearls are manufactured with larger and straighter drilled holes from end to end and through the center that appear too perfect. Real pearls are often drilled from end to end and the hole narrows at the center.

Last half is the physical examination of the pearls’ authenticity which requires a touch and feel inspection using your hands and mouth.  The dexterity of your fingers or palms and your tooth surface will provide you with confirmation as listed below.

  1. Fake pearls will feel lighter in your palm. Real pearls will feel heavier in your palm.
  2. Fake pearls will have a perfectly smooth surface at your fingertips. Real pearls will have a slightly rough surface at your fingertips. 
  3. Fake pearls feel smooth when you slide them across the front of your teeth. Real pearls will feel gritty as you slide them over your teeth.
  4. Fakes pearls will easily slide off each other when rubbing two of them together with your fingers. Real pearls will feel like there is friction or grittiness when two of them are gently rubbed together with your fingers.
  5. Fake pearls will usually feel at room temperature in the palm of your hand. Real pearls will have an initial cool sensation and then warm up while they rest in your palm. 

You will want to think about a storage solution to safeguard your exquisite pearl jewelry pieces.  A standing jewelry armoire is a popular choice among jewelry collectors for its floor tiered design while the other is a wall mounted jewelry box that conveniently hangs on the wall.  Having this jewelry armoire to protect your heirloom quality in jewelry pearls is a wise investment!

I Recently Found A Jewelry Armoire With Color!

February 18, 2017

Most jewelry armoires will lack color that appear dull and boring.  I finally found the jewelry armoire with a rich vibrant color.  I discovered certain color choices are made available with the free standing jewelry armoire to select from.  The brand manufacturers seemingly offered the same or very similar colors regardless of the jewelry armoire designs.  These standard colors are most often applied to floor standing jewelry armoire that are made by them today. 

Jewelry ArmoireThese brand manufactures use these specific set of colors on the jewelry armoires for a specific reason.  It’s due to the psychology behind these colors in how we respond and react to them.  The furniture industry will typically apply these consumer friendly standard colors on many furnishing seen today.  These widely accepted colors had influenced my own jewelry armoire selection that led to my final decision.  

The color of black or ebony has a formal look that initially caught my eye.  It gave a feeling of classiness that seemed more for a modern contemporary look.  I associated the black jewelry armoire to elegance and sophistication that would bring some depth, strength, and definition to my living spaces. 

The color of brown appeared organic that gave me a sense of warmth and comfort.  It felt like an approachable color that relayed a sense of calmness and relaxation.  It would work well as a neutral color in a traditional or modern style room layout.  A natural dark brown color makes for a unique jewelry armoire that could nicely accent my other home furnishings and decorations in the room.

The color of cherry presented a reddish in tone look with a warm touch of wood grain richness that projected a formal yet elegant feel.  It had reminded me of American traditional furniture designs dating back from the 18th century.  The jewelry armoire cherry finish had gave me an impression of a timeless classic furniture piece that would greatly complement my traditional room setting. 

The color of mahogany casted a dark red to strong reddish-brown tone similar to the color of cherry.  I would define it as natural looking wood grain color with a subtle glow.  It has the classic appeal that expressed elegance seen in traditional furniture designs.  The rich color in the mahogany jewelry box would really enhance and showcase well in a conventional living space. 

My final selection was the dark cherry jewelry armoire due to its warm reddish tone and classic design.  Its appearance in color gave me a warm stylish vibe that perfectly accented my other traditional styled furniture pieces.  The color had really captured a sense of finesse and sophistication that made it a standout addition to my traditional room arrangement. 

Deciding on the right color for a floor jewelry armoire to best complement a room style can make a difference.  Selecting the appropriate color is something that should blend well with almost everything in the room.  Bring a dynamic feel in your own room with this cherry jewelry armoire to invigorate your emotions!

I Just Found A Hair Cuff With Style!

February 12, 2017

Most hair accessories can’t keep my long hair held tightly together.  I just found a hair cuff that is remarkably strong and fashionable!  I'm so glad I bought this metal Hair Cuffhair cuff to hold my long hair into a beautiful ponytail.  I love how it makes my hair look neatly styled and how pretty it makes me feel. Let me tell you how this metal ponytail cuff is a must-have hair accessory. 

If you have fairly long hair that seems to always get in your way, then you are having the same issue like me.  I had tried almost every type of hair accessory product to keep my hair into a ponytail.  Everything from stretchy headbands to hair ties to barrettes were unable to control my hair for any duration of time.  I had struggled to find a practical hair accessory that not only worked on my hair but one that was fashionably stylish enough to go with my outfits too.

This ponytail hair cuff has a ring-shaped sleeve with a strong built in rubber band and reliable metal hair clips attached.  The metal hair clips had firmly grabbed my hair in place while the durable rubber band had wrapped two to three times around my hair for an even stronger hold.  The side opening of this hair cuff with its strong spring had opened and closed tightly enough that kept my hair neatly bound together to form Hair Cuffa perfectly straightened ponytail to finish the look.  I was concerned that it wouldn’t firmly hold my lengthy hair and to my astonishment it was not an issue. 

I treat my ponytail cuffs like special jewelry pieces from my jewelry collection.  My gold hair cuff has a cutting-edge appearance with an added touch of classiness.  It’s so fashionable while wardrobe-friendly that I am able to coordinate it with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear. 

Unlike inexpensive plastic hair cuffs, I prefer to store my hair cuffs with my precious jewelry pieces inside a wall mounted jewelry armoire to preserve their original quality.  The best part about the wall mounted jewelry cabinet with mirror is it gives me the ability to observe the ponytail cuff with any of my outfits.  Try this wall mounted jewelry cabinet to safely secure and protect your most precious jewelry pieces!

A Black Jewelry Armoire Is Releasing Soon!

February 7, 2017

This vintage jewelry armoire will take the furniture industry by storm.  This special and unique opportunity is for a limited time!  It will be a rare chance to take advantage of due to the fact this current and stylish model is in limited production.  This black Black Jewelry Armoirestanding jewelry box is an elegant accent furniture reproduction with all of the modern functional amenities included. 

The seven equally sized pullout drawers in this standing jewelry box are vertically stacked on top of one another.  Each drawer is carefully handcrafted to house the most exquisite jewelry pieces in mind.  The interiors of the drawers are meticulously felt lined by hand to gently protect jewelry pieces from scuffs and scratches. 

The two swing outward doors on this large jewelry armoire are attached to each side for easy access to various chain length jewelry pieces.  They are entirely felt lined along with the interior compartments to prevent potential surface damage to any dangling jewelry pieces.  The interior snag free metal hooks mounted inside both the side swing doors and interior compartments are arranged perfectly to organize and prevent from chain entanglements. 

The top hinged lid in this standing jewelry armoire with mirror is a distinctive feature in its innovative storage design.  The lid will lift to reveal a mounted vanity mirror while exposing the main compartment with its smaller divided compartments and half ring pads beneath it.  Everything is felt lined with detailed handcrafted quality to protect the classic jewelry pieces so that no harm may be done to them. 

Every independent pull out drawer is adorned with decorative hardware.  The ornamental knobs give easy access to all jewelry pieces within the spacious interiors of the attached drawers.  The knobs are polished metal to add the finishing touch to this cutting-edge yet stylish jewelry armoire.

The color of ebony on this free standing jewelry box is the crowning touch to its sleek appearance.  It is hand stained to achieve a mirror finish that details its beautiful grace and elegant style.  The gorgeous exterior is what completes its visual artistry that will equally match and compliment a jewelry collection with fashionable designs. 

This tall jewelry armoire will make a standout addition to any jewelry collection.  Handcrafted to a standard of perfection with its finely detailed designs will be a fashionable vintage showpiece within any living space.  Place this black jewelry armoire in your home to add a touch of inspired beauty and enjoyment!

Jewelry Armoire With Floor Stand

February 5, 2017

Many jewelry armoires have inadequate storage space to hold an entire jewelry collection.  This jewelry armoire is large enough to take care of a jewelry collection of almost any proportion.  A jewelry collection will mainly comprise of bracelets, Tall Jewelry Armoirebrooches, earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches that vary in shapes and sizes. In order to consolidate your jewelry pieces into a single location will depend on storage capacity of the jewelry armoire you choose to manage this.  This standing jewelry armoire is capable of holding your assortment of jewelry pieces within its many hassle-free storage options.

Bracelets are categorized as large jewelry pieces.  The standard wrist sizes for women’s bracelet length is 5 inches to 9 inches in diameter.  The pull out drawers of this standing jewelry armoire are available to store and house these sizable type of jewelry pieces.  The spacious drawers are constructed of wood with felt lining on the inside will prevent scuffs and scratches in order to protect their original quality. 

Brooches are broadly categorized as small to large sized jewelry pieces.  The dimensions will vary since they are not limited to any specific sizes.  The deep drawers are ample in space to stow them without the concerns over their diverse sizes.  All drawers of this stand up jewelry armoire are felt lined to protect them from nicks and scratches while their decorative and detailed designs are well preserved. 

Earrings are categorized as small to medium sized jewelry pieces.  They will range in lengths and heights depending on their styles and designs.  This standing jewelry box can freely store them within the scratch-resistant cushioned interiors found in the drawers, compartments, and half ring pads.  Tall Jewelry ArmoireThere are no real storage restrictions with them given the abundance of space to house them anywhere inside this jewelry armoire. 

Necklaces are categorized as small to extra-large sized jewelry pieces.  The standard measurement for women’s neckline chains are from 14 inches to 36 inches.  The swing out doors of this free standing jewelry box will have rows of snag-free hooks to hang and sort a diversity of chain length necklaces.  The smooth felt lined interiors will protect your dangling necklaces from dings and dents with unobstructed in usage of this jewelry armoire.

Rings are categorized as small jewelry pieces.  The standard measurement for women’s whole ring sizes are 2.5 to 14.  The top compartment of this floor standing jewelry box is equally divided into individual compartments to reveal, organize, and store your exceptional rings in.  The soft half ring pads located in the top compartment of the jewelry armoire are designed to place and organize your rings in an easy-to-maintain manner. 

Watches are categorized as medium to large jewelry pieces.  The standard measurement for women’s watch sizes are 24mm to 64mm.  The handcrafted wooden pull out drawers in this armoire jewelry box can easily separate your individual watch pieces into an organized collection.  They can neatly lay safely inside the storage compartments of its fully lined drawers to protect their intricate designs. 

A thriving jewelry collection will need space to grow and expand.  An emporium of beautiful jewelry pieces will find shelter in this free standing jewelry armoire that bolsters a generous amount of storage space.  Give your jewelry pieces endless room to flourish with this jewelry armoire to ensure their original state of quality won’t be ruined!   

Brown Bedroom Furniture

January 28, 2017

Many furniture designs are thought as outdated and unfashionable for the bedroom.  This furniture style blends well with the present-day bedroom look.  Explore this brown bedroom furniture sets for its refreshingly original style which sets it apart from other furniture collections.  The small bedroom furniture of this trending brown colored Brown Bedroom Furniturefurniture style is seen as traditional bedroom furniture to contemporary bedroom furniture that highlights its bold new appearance.  Discover how this unique bedroom furniture can visually inspire your bedroom arrangement but gives you functionality at the same time. 

A chest of drawers is a small table with usually three to seven pullout drawers.  Mahogany and walnut are popular natural wood grains combined with brown stain color variations applied to them which captures the brown undertones.  Its spacious drawers will store your various personal sundries like clothes, blankets, toiletries, and more.  Centering this accent piece against a wall will achieve an asymmetrical balance in your bedroom design layout. 

A dresser is a small table with usually three to seven pullout drawers with a mounted vanity mirror.  Mahogany and dark walnut are commonly used wood grains with expresso and beige stain color finishes applied to capture the essence of the brown color tones.  Its several roomy drawers will accommodate your clothing wardrobe while exploring your physical appearance with the vanity mirror.  This dark wood bedroom furniture is positioned ideally against a wall as a centerpiece to showcase its classic design and accessible use.

A night stand or bedside table is a small table or cabinet with a few drawers made to rest by the bed.  Cherry, mahogany, and walnut wood grains with attractive shades of brown stain colors applied give a clean finish to this classic in home furnishing.  It’s the perfect kind of bedroom furniture to rest your coffee, television remote, reading materials, eyeglasses, and bedside lamps next to your bed while its roomy drawers can store your clothes and other accessories inside it.  Positioning one on each side of your bed will achieve that symmetrical balance in your bedroom furniture layout.

A standing jewelry armoire is a storage cabinet with several drawers, doors, compartments, and a hidden vanity mirror.  Cherry and mahogany are the most popular wood grains combined with brown stain color variations to complement the bedroom color scheme.  It’s designed to organize, store, and display a jewelry collection inside the felt lined compartments, drawers, hooks, and shelves.  It’s delicate in presentation yet adds another element of elegance to your bedroom.  Displaying this one of a kind accent furnishing against a wall will add a touch of beauty to your bedroom layout. 

This brown furniture is a stylized color concept found in these accent furniture pieces tailored for the latest bedroom designs.  Creating a warm feel with this color as seen in this floor standing jewelry armoire will result into a more inviting bedroom environment.  Let this free standing jewelry armoire to establish an up-to-date look in your bedroom that will functionally serve your entire wardrobe ensemble needs too!