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Cherry Wood Chest

A cherry wood chest will safeguard the unforgettable memories and special moments found within all special kinds of jewelry collections!

The rich and vibrant color in this cherry chest will highlight the beauty and delicacy of costume jewelry to fine jewelry to antique jewelry. The interior is specifically designed to highlight the intricate and finer details in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, watches and much more.

Intentionally crafted as a bedroom chest of drawers that offers ample room to place plenty of jewelry inside it. The 3 drawer dresser is a treasury for jewelry organization that comes with perfectly handcrafted individual compartments to easily accommodate each and every kind of classic jewelry pieces.

The sheer elegance and refined sophistication represented by this cherry chest of drawers will gorgeously complement any kind of jewelry collection that can be yours today!

Drawers: 3

Color: Solid American Cherry Hardwood with Heritage Cherry Finish

Dimensions: 17" Length x 12 1/8" Depth x 10 3/4" Height

Made: United States 

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