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Jewelry Necklace Display

A jewelry necklace display is intricately designed to showcase a collection of fine jewelry necklaces!

Allow this copper necklace stand to stylishly complement the home interior decor.  Place this copper jewelry holder on a nightstand or dresser to enhance the look of your intimate bedroom space.

Show off your necklace jewelry with this long necklace holder to neatly organize them.  Delicately hang several kinds of necklace designs like boho necklaces, contemporary necklaces, vintage necklaces, and much more on this jewelry necklace holder.

Preserve the fond memories found within every necklace piece with this copper pipe jewelry stand that can be yours today! 

Handcrafted: United States

Finish: Polished

Material: Copper

Overall Dimensions: 11" width & 5" depth x 16" height

Base Dimensions: 11" base width x 5" depth

Single Pillar: 11" width x 16" height

Jewelry Necklace Display    Jewelry Necklace Display

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