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Mahogany Chest

A mahogany chest will serve a tribute to the special meanings and significant values found in the different types of jewelry within a jewelry collection!

As a coffer for special memories of jewelry pieces this jewelry chest will continually revive their most intimate moments. The interior of this jewelry chest is designed to beautifully display a one of a kind jewelry as a timeless treasure.

The modest size of this small drawer chest will occupy minimal table top space located on bedroom furniture. Jewelry pieces are neatly organized inside this small chest that allows a dresser or nightstand the room for other items to conveniently rest on them.

Keep those special meanings alive in your jewelry collection with this dresser chest that can begin today!

Drawers: 1

Color: Rich Mahogany Finish

Dimensions: 13" Length x 9 1/8" Depth x 7" Height

Made: United States

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