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Standing Jewelry Chest

A standing jewelry chest will not only preserve the memories found in jewelry pieces but their stylish appeal too!

As a jewelry box large in size that can hold a variety or types of jewelry will comfortably match an expanding jewelry collection. This large jewelry box is designed like a cabinet to withstand routine usage while still being able to organize, display and protect the value of jewelry.

Considered as a piece of furniture this large jewelry armoire will complement the interior decorating of any room. Sometimes described as a jewelry dresser that functions just like furniture with storage will keep precious belongings conveniently organized in a fixed or stand-alone location.

Embellish yourself with this standing jewelry armoire to highlight the beauty and memories found within your special jewelry before it passes you by today!

Color: Dark Walnut Finish

Dimensions: 19" Width x 10.75" Depth x 40" Height

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